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Narrator: HEY SHORTY!

Narrator: And so ends the story of-

Frank: WHAT? What story? You didn’t even start one!

Narrator: Are you gonna start arguing with me again, kid?

Frank: For the last time, I AM NOT A KID! I’M 24!

Narrator: Yeah, and Mikey can eat.

Mikey: *Stomach growls loudly* Aww… I’m hungry.

Gerard: Shut it!

Frank: Grr! I hate this narrator!

Ray: What narrator?

Frank: THAT narrator! *Points to sky*

Rest of MCR: *Looks up*

Ray: What the hell are you talking about, Frank?

Bob: *Raises an eyebrow*

Frank: What do you mean what am I talking about? Can’t you hear her?

Narrator: Frank’s an idiot.

MCR – Frank: *Exchange confused looks*

Gerard: Frank, did you fall out of your crib again?

Frank: What?! NO! And I don’t have a crib!

Mikey: Then what’s that crib there that says, “Frank’s Crib”?

Frank: *Turns around and sees “Frank’s Crib”* AHHHHH! What the hell is that?!

Ray: It’s a crib. Duh.

Gerard: Your crib in fact.

Narrator: Hahahaha!

Frank: That narrator is fucking with me again!

Ray: He’s hearing things.

Mikey: I think Frank is hungry too.

Gerard: Frank, do you need to see my therapist?

Bob: *Shakes head*

Narrator: Damnit, I was trying to finish a story! But your short butt had to butt in!

Frank: Stop calling me short!

Bob: … I didn’t say anything.

Frank: No! Not you! Her! HER!!!

Gerard: What the hell are you looking at me for?!

Frank: I’m not! NO! AHHHH!

Narrator: If you want a story so bad then fine! Once there was a kid named Frank…

Frank: Shut up!

Narrator: He threw a tantrum like the brat he is…

Frank: Stop it! *Covers ears*

Narrator: And the rest of his bandmates are wondering why HE’S TALKING TO HIMSELF!

Frank: La la la la la! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

Rest of MCR: *Watching Frank as he argues with himself/unknown force*

Ray: What is he talking about now?

Gerard: I don't know! He's always distracted by something!

Mikey: Maybe he wants food...

Bob: Someone needs to get the boy Ritalin.
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finally!!! loleth. buddy holly by weener..i luss that song..