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Dear Diary

(I forgots who wrote what)

Dear Diary,
today we went out for chinese and mikey did not he chewed on a chopstick and...hold up, that hot nurse is here..i will brb.

dear diary,
today we went out for chinese and gerard made me watch him eat again..i got so hungry..i chewed on the chopstick he threw at me. then he kept taunting me, saying..."haha you can't eat" and "mmm sesame cheeken!" and "haha remember when you got shot?"...i got so fed up that i sharpened my chopstick with my teeth..and i uh, assaulted him with it.....i think i hurt him but i hope he will be ok...i really me..*evil grin*

Dear Diary, i am in the hospital! fucking mikey attacked me! gaw! i am not ok!

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